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The Neighbourhoods Foundation is a trust registered in New Zealand that oversees and steers development of the Neighbourhoods framework. The Trust represents our commitment to maintaining the Social Sensemaker as a free and open-source technology. Accordingly, its objectives are to build and maintain a suite of tools enabling the creation of digital social spaces that enhance social coordination, sense-making, and community self-determination.


We are building the social spaces we want to be in! Our mission is to open up the black box of social media algorithms through a set of modular tools for social coordination that are customizable enough to fit the needs of a wide variety of groups, from small families to large coalitions. As a core project in the Holochain ecosystem, we aim to make its uniquely efficient, secure application framework easier to adopt.

Our team shares a community-driven vision for a distributed web that increases the ability for non-technical users to contribute in a fundamental way to the social spaces they occupy. For this reason, we build tools that make data-use and application feedback loops transparent enough for everyone to gain an understanding of how their social interactions ripple through networks. We are enthusiastic about tools that give rise to participatory cultures; not only because it’s right, but because it’s fun. We believe in both dignity and play online.

Our commitment to social coordination and sensemaking also arises from concern about the current state of the internet and social cohesion in the face of multiple, overlapping failures of Empire.


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Siddharth Sthalekar

Head of Business and Strategy

Sid’s experience spans from heading South Asia's largest trading desk to exploring distributed economic paradigms in the Gandhi Ashram in India. He is the founder of Sacred Capital, a Singapore based organisation that has developed reputation infrastructure for Neighbourhoods.
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Emaline Friedman

Head of Comms and Partnerships

Emaline is a psychologist, author, and communicator. Over the last decade, she has been exploring distributed systems technologies capacity to suppport community organizing and self-determination.
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Pablo Somonte Ruano

Design Strategy

Pablo works as a designer creating ambiguous software, generative systems, transmedia narratives, media art and odd music in the fields of social coordination and postcapitalist economies.
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Full Stack Developer

pospi is a rampant idealist by fate; distributed systems engineer by trade; accidental economist and sociologist; and recovering technologist, futurist and entrepreneur.
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Cassandra Boraiko

Treasury and Operations Manager

Cass is an earth steward exploring the intersection of climate and technology through the lens of decentralized finance. She is focused on permacultural solutions that center connection to earth and community, aiming to make Web3 work for the planet.
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Kasimir Suter Winter

Product Designer

Kasimir is an architect working in place based community building through participatory design and regenerative development. He is exploring how digital tools, current-sees, deep wealth, and living systems design can build capacity of place for the regenerative economy.
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Julio Holon

Product Sensor

Julio is an architect for distributed financial solutions, game designer and facilitator, interested in building a new regenerative cultures and economies for organizations, communities and ecosystems.
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Jillian Ada Burrows

Tech team lead

Jill is an autodidact with an insatiable curiosity. Her interests span math, physics, music, psychology, culture, history, and her family's genealogy.
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Wesley Finck

Full Stack Developer

Wesley is a Holochain app developer who enjoys imagining the future of an internet that supports the continued evolution of open societies. His life has changed multiple times for the better due to online serendipity and he hopes to build apps that enable more of these kinds of organic and authentic social connections.
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Nick Stebbings

Full Stack Developer

Nick is a full stack developer from the UK, living in New Zealand. A background in economics and politics led him through the crypto rabbit hole and deep into Holochain land where he hopes to contribute to a flourishing p2p economy of new ideas, co-operation, and self-sovereign data & identity - with a splash of music and humour along the way.
profile picture of Emily
Emily Rogers

Marketing Manager

Emily is a web3 marketing maven at the forefront of the regenerative finance movement. From last-mile DeFi accessibility to new forms of nature-backed money, she believes a new borderless digital economy can help us create a better future.
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Chinmay Patel

Community Coordinator

Chinmay is a graphic designer who’s been in the business and enterprise space within New Zealand as a branding and marketing designer. He’s curious about the problem solving done within the Web3 space and seeing how it shapes the future.

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Neighbourhoods Foundation: 4 Ash Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand