Starting a neighbourhood

Customize & Bundle Holochain Apps

Neighbourhoods are a way for groups to organize. Community activators can select and bundle generic social apps - think docs, chats, forums, and feeds.

Once selected, things really get good. Activators can customize generic tools and widgets, from cosmetic modifications, like colors, styles and skins, to more functional ones, like tagging, reputation, and ranking algorithms. All together, this customization amounts to a full, conscious design of group cultural practices.

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What Neighbourhoods Offers

We provide community activators a bootstrapping wizard to start their own neighbourhood - plus a neighbourhood for activators - with space to chat and collaborate with other NH adopters.

There’s a discovery engine for social data types and generic modules in this wizard. Because Neighbourhoods are meant to be easily updatable and rapidly iterable, you’ll also have access to a governance dashboard for ongoing management of your neighbourhood.

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Collaborators Welcome

The neighbourhoods framework supports the connection of lightweight web 3.0 modules to the open-source Social Sensemaker - all this, to realize a massive plurality of culture, recognition, and relation across the distributed web.

Find us on Discord to chat about where you fit in.

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Neighbourhoods Foundation: 4 Ash Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand